Our Vision is Your Vision

Jensen Eye Care are compassionate doers, educated and experienced in all things vision-related. The Jensen team fosters a HUGS mentality, embracing every opportunity to support our patients and each other.

Our Core Values

Habitualize Happiness

Positivity is a practice. Think a happy thought. Assume goodness behind every action. Play as you work. Laugh out loud. Create and environment where all can thrive.

Understand The Why

(The how will follow.) Be curious. Ask tough questions. Listen and share to cultivate trust. Respect everyone, no exceptions.

Grow, Then Grow Some More

We are catalysts. Be relentless in pursuit of progress. Delight in change. Comfort zones are for sissies. Become.

Serve Well

Give with a humble heart. Set impossibly high standards. Be tireless in caring and brilliant at what you do. Aim to amaze.

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  • Dr. Seth Jensen
  • Kendra Emond
  • Jamie Stagg
  • Blaize Wagner
  • Jenna Schoenwolf
  • Catie Mauk
  • Karissa Martinez