Let's consider the factors...

There are three contact lens factors that affect the success of a contact lens wearer. (There are also factors of the eye that can affect contact lenses such as disease and dry eye. However, for this article, I am concentrating on the factors specific to the lens itself.)

The three contact lens factors are fit, material, and prescription. For someone to like their contact lenses, all three of these things must be aligned and done well.

The prescription of the lens is easy. All that needs doing is measurement of your glasses prescription and then adapting the prescription for your contact lenses. Occasionally, I also need to check for extra prescription over the top of the lens, but this isn’t difficult to do and usually is one of the smaller factors in contact lens success.

The fit of the contact lens is a little more difficult. For soft lenses that are usually designed with a “one size fits all” concept, this simplifies fitting techniques in that if it fits, it’s used. There’s no modifying the lens to try to make it fit better. For hard lenses the process is much more difficult. The lenses need to be bent and tweaked so they fit perfectly to the contour of your eye. I personally enjoy the challenge of fitting a hard lens.

There is a vast array of lens material. That knowledge can be daunting but also comforting. Daunting because there are so many different lenses to try, but comforting because it adds the convenience that one of them is bound to work for you. For my patients, I like to find them a good, comfortable lens in as few tries as possible. To accomplish this, I have done a lot of research on the very best lens materials. Every lens that I bring to try is something that I have personally tried. Ironically, I’m a terrible contact lens patient. I hate to wear almost everything because my eyes get dry and irritated very easily with many contact lens materials. However, by trying over 100 different lenses myself I have come up with a system that has proven good for my patients. My goal is to get you into the most comfortable lens with the least impact on your busy life.

You may have a lens that you love and have worn for years. I will not change your brand of lenses if you are happy with them, your eyes are healthy, and you see well. However, if you are struggling or even just wanting to try something new, I would love to help you find something better. If you would like to try lenses for the first time or you feel like you want to try something new, set up an appointment by calling 307.265.7008.

Dr. Seth