You can use your flex dollars with us in more than one way!

Many people have flex accounts through their employer. However, flex accounts are funded by the employee with pre-tax dollars and must be used to cover medical expenses. Unfortunately, flex accounts are “use it or lose it” accounts. If you don’t spend the money by the end of the year, those flex dollars go away. Big bummer!

Some people get to the end of the year and find they haven’t used up their flex dollars and they sure don’t want to lose those dollars. What can you do with those dollars? You really don’t want to get a face lift and you don’t need to go to the dentist.

Here’s some ideas that may help you find a legitimate use for your flex dollars:

1. Do you need a good pair of sunglasses? Everyone should have a good pair of sunglasses, not just because they make you look awesome, but because they help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

2. If you like to read or if you spend a lot of time on a computer and find that you get tired when you do those activities, there are a number of lens options that can make it easier for you.

3. Maybe you want to move your eye examination into December and beat the first of the year rush.

4. If you have been thinking about contact lenses, maybe it is a good time to come in for a contact lens consultation.

5. Laser vision correction is another good place to use those flex dollars.

If this is a little confusing to you and you would like to visit with one of our doctors or one of our opticians, give us a call. We won’t charge you for the consultation. The phone number at Jensen Eye Care is 265-7008.