New Technologies for a Better Fit

As a certified Optician, I am always excited about new ways to help our patients see better. I am pleased to tell you about a new technology we have added that allows us to precisely fit your new frames and lenses to you. This technology is called the Optikam. The Optikam is an application that we use with our office iPad. This application has four different features that help us assist you with your eyewear and lens fitting.

The first (and most important) component of the Optikam is the measurement feature. When we measure your frame and lens with this feature we are able to perfectly measure both the frame and the lenses you have chosen. After your new frame is fitted to your face, we attach our measurement device to your frame (pictured above). We affectionately call it our “Avatar stick”. We call it that because it uses the same “green dots” that were used in making the animated characters in the movie Avatar move like real people. Once those two steps are completed we take your picture with our iPad camera.

All of your lens and frame measurements are captured in that iPad picture. The Optikam software then makes some calculations and allows us to send those measurement details directly to the lab where the lab exactly matches those measurements to your new frame and lenses. The Optikam allows us to be more precise in our measurements than we have ever been before. Isn’t that cool?!

Another really impressive feature of the Optikam software is the “Frame Selection” mode. This is the first feature that was developed for the Optikam. The “Frame Selection” feature allows us to take pictures of you in four different styles of frames so you can compare them side by side. Plus we can email those images to anyone you would like so you can get their opinion in real time without actually having them come in to our office.

Just yesterday a gentleman was having a difficult time choosing between two frames he liked. Marcella (our other optician) took pictures of both frames using the Optikam iPad and send those pictures to his wife. After she received the email, they were able to talk on the phone and decide which frame they like best without having her drive across town to see how the frames looked on him in person. It worked great and both the man and his wife were appreciative of how convenient and time saving the “Frame Selection” feature was for them.

A third feature of the Optikam is the “Lens Demonstration” mode. This component of the Optikam is very useful in showing the patients the difference between lens types. We can show you the difference between lined bifocal lenses and the progressive no-line multifocal. We can also show you how anti-reflective coating and the auto darkening Transitions lens works in the real world.

Patients often wonder how different lenses work. They are not sure whether they will like a lined bifocal or a high tech Lifestyle lens better. They are not sure if a non-glare coating is worth the money or not. The lens demonstration feature helps you see the difference between those different lenses before you buy. It helps remove much of the anxiety related to new lens options and treatments.

Finally, the “Augmented Reality” module simulates real-life situations such as office and outdoor scenes. It helps you understand how your chosen lens technology will work for you in different environments. How cool is that?!

I hope you can see why we are so excited about the Optikam. Technology allows us to do a better job for you and it allows you to have a better understanding of how your new glasses will look and perform.

If you are curious and would like to just come in and allow us to demonstrate this new technology give us a call. We are excited to show you what is new in the optical world.