Dry Eyes?

I am asked on a regular basis the why question. Patients want to know why they have a dry eye problem. Here is a short list of reasons why your eyes might be dry when they didn’t used to be.

  1. You put more birthday candles on your cake than you used to. (We all get older.)
  2. Your diet may not include enough of the good stuff. You need adequate fruits and vegetables in your diet and you especially need Omega 3’s (found in cold water fish) in your diet.
  3. You may spend a lot more time staring at a digital screen than you used to. (Our blink rate slows down when we stare at our phones and computer screens.)
  4. Your hormones may have changed. (Menopause is not your friend when it comes to a healthy tear production.)
  5. You may be on medications that dry out your eyes.
  6. Your eyes may not be in focus. (If your eyes are straining to focus, your blink rate will slow down.)

Regardless of the reason your eyes are dry, we can help. We may not be able to change some things, like how many candles you put on your cake, but that does not mean we are powerless to help you improve your tear quality and quantity. Don’t let miserable, irritated eyes decrease your quality of life. Call us at 307-265-7008 for a consultation. There are many new dry eye therapies that we are excited to share.

We at Jensen Eye Care would love to help you.