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Eye Care For Your Child

Dr. Seth explains

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To Help Ease Concerns

A parent's experience with taking her infant to the eye doctor.

Hello! My name is Christa. I am an employee at Jensen Eye Care, but I am also a patient along with my daughter, Aryanna. I would like to talk with you about infant eye care—its importance, and how a parent may feel taking their infant to the eye doctor.

Aryanna was about seven months when I first took her in to see Dr. Seth. I did this because I was informed by him that it was a good idea to take infants in to see the eye doctor as early as six months. I came to the appointment without any…

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Sunglasses & UV Protection

You probably know that UV stands for Ultraviolet light, that UV comes from the sun, and that UV can cause damage to your skin; you also probably know that sunscreen helps to protect our skin from UV damage; and you probably intuitively understand that too much UV can damage the eye as well as your skin.

But, do you know how UV can damage your eyes? Do you know how to best prevent that damage from occurring?

UV light can damage the eye at three different levels: the outer layers of the…

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Save Your Vision

Save your eyes. Get them checked.

As an eye care professional I am exposed to more than my fair share of eye conditions and diseases. I see at least one person every day that has some sort of eye condition that doesn’t fall under the “normal category”. I have also observed that the vast majority of the people that I see in my office that have these eye conditions are also wearers of glasses and/or contact lenses. You might read that previous statement and think, well, glasses and contacts must be correlated with eye…

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