A Culture of Care—Travis’ Story

​Meet Travis.

Travis was looking for a new contact lens option when he found Jensen Eye Care. After being unimpressed with other places in town, he came through the doors and liked what he saw—more specifically he was impressed with the technology, the speed with which he got in and out of his exam, and the care he received.

“The exams are very thorough,” he said. “They care about you from the time you walk in to the time you leave.”

After hearing about Ortho-K lenses, he decided…

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A Note From Kendra

As I sat through Thursday morning’s recharge meeting, I realized how lucky I am to work for people who encourage me to learn and grow on a daily basis. Dr. Clark and Dr. Seth not only exude genuine care for their patients, but also for their employees.

Thursday morning, we learned about how a refraction is performed—you know, the forever stressful part of the exam where they ask you to tell them which is better, 1 or 2? (Insider tip: they actually want you to get to the point where deciding…

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To Help Ease Concerns

A parent's experience with taking her infant to the eye doctor.

Hello! My name is Christa. I am an employee at Jensen Eye Care, but I am also a patient along with my daughter, Aryanna. I would like to talk with you about infant eye care—its importance, and how a parent may feel taking their infant to the eye doctor.

Aryanna was about seven months when I first took her in to see Dr. Seth. I did this because I was informed by him that it was a good idea to take infants in to see the eye doctor as early as six months. I came to the appointment without any…

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A Culture of Care—Patty’s Story


Meet Patty.

Patty loves to read, crochet, and sew. She also loves all things pink!

Her love of pink has a history. Patty is a breast cancer survivor! Along with her history, though, her cheerfulness makes her love of pink a fitting addition to her personality.

Patty was noticing new difficulties with her eyes while she was doing her hobbies, and came to see Dr. Clark on referral from her husband.

“He listens to you. He pays attention to you.” She was so impressed that she said,…

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A Culture of Care—Mary’s Story


Meet Mary.

Mary uses her eyes for everything she does—she is a talented crafter, seamstress, and scrapbook maker. So, naturally, when her eyes began to have problems she set up an appointment with an optometrist. After multiple unsuccessful trips to many different doctors, Mary was referred to Jensen Eye Care.

“You feel like family when you walk in,” she said with a smile.

With Mary’s previous experience at other optometric offices, she was expecting to be treated “like another…

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Making Happiness A Habit

Do Happy More

We all have our own version of happiness: our child’s sweet smile, fishing on the river, double chocolate fudge brownies… No matter what your definition is, though, it’s more than a feeling; it’s a choice, an act, a habit.

So, when developing our core values, we knew “Habitualize Happiness” would be at the top of our list. What does that even mean? Well, we have a little confession to make: Habitualize isn’t a word. (We made it up because we couldn’t find another verb that started with an…

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An Unlikely Lesson In Excellence

Life Lessons

How do you choose a doctor?

How do you decide where to get your child’s next eye examination?

Are all eye examinations pretty much the same, or is there a difference between one exam and another?

I think we all instinctively understand that there is a difference. There are some plumbers that are better than other plumbers, there are some restaurants that are better than other restaurants and there are some doctors that are better than other doctors; Okay, but how do you know who to…

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Our Three-Step Process for Crafting Core Values That Inspire

Core Values

Personal statements, vision statements, mission statements… Businesses use them to define their focus, and individuals use them to help guide their goals. No matter what you call them, clarifying your purpose can be a powerful act. Or, it can be just another set of ho-hum rules to break.

Last week on the blog we shared Part I in our series, which discussed why the Jensen Team scrapped our old lukewarm, self-centered Mission Statement. This week in Part II, we’ll tell you how we crafted a…

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