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Sleeping in Your Contact Lenses… On Purpose?

​Have you ever been to your doctor’s office and been scolded for sleeping in your contact lenses?

Did you know that there are three types of lenses that you can sleep in if you are directed to by your doctor?

First is the typical soft “night and day” lenses, second is a bandage lens for certain corneal injuries, and third is a lens called an Ortho K lens. This last type of lens is the most exciting. It is the newest service provided to you by Jensen Eye Care.

Ortho K lenses are designed to…

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Corneal Disease and Contact Lenses

If you have read some of the previous contact lens blogs, you know that one possible sign of corneal disease is a difficulty with regular contact lenses and high astigmatism. Also included among the symptoms listed in those blogs are glasses that are never quite clear and frequent changes in your vision. These symptoms are likely pointing to a specific corneal condition called keratoconus. This disease is a progressive thinning of the cornea such that it becomes deformed and distorts the light…

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What Makes a Good Contact Lens?

There are three contact lens factors that affect the success of a contact lens wearer. (There are also factors of the eye that can affect contact lenses such as disease and dry eye. However, for this article, I am concentrating on the factors specific to the lens itself.)

The three contact lens factors are fit, material, and prescription. For someone to like their contact lenses, all three of these things must be aligned and done well.

The prescription of the lens is easy. All that needs…

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Contacts and Astigmatism

​When I hear a patient tell me they have never been able to wear contact lenses because of astigmatism, I think of two things. First, as a contact lens specialist I believe there is a good lens for every person if they are patient enough to find the lens and their desire to wear lenses is strong enough. If you really want contact lenses but have never been able to get them, I want you to know it is possible to get you in a lens that you can be happy with. Second, I wonder if the person might…

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Struggling with Contact Lenses?

A Quick Solution Guide

​Almost every time I fit a contact lens I am trying to solve one of three problems—fit, vision, and comfort. Most of my contact lens wearers struggle with at least one of these. The problems are interconnected to some degree, but today I want to focus on comfort—specifically focusing on soft lenses.

Some causes of discomfort are:

  1. Poorly fitting lens. For today’s purposes, because I purely want to focus on comfort, we will move on from this and assume the lens is fitting well. I do,…

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