A Culture of Care—Patty’s Story

Meet Patty. Patty loves to read, crochet, and sew. She also loves all things pink!

A Culture of Care—Mary’s Story

Mary uses her eyes for everything she does—she is a talented crafter, seamstress, and scrapbook maker. So, naturally, when her eyes began to have problems she set up an appointment with an optometrist. After multiple unsuccessful trips to many different doctors, Mary was referred to Jensen Eye Care.

Eye Safety with Dr. Clark

Both Dr. Seth and myself enjoy playing racquetball. Having the right equipment is critical to enjoying the game, playing well, and being safe. However, I have noticed that one piece of equipment is often neglected—eye protection. You should never play racquetball without eye protection. It seems that many people in the racquetball court don’t have an understanding of that importance.

Save Your Vision

Why is it the majority of the people I see with these eye conditions also wear glasses or contact lenses? The reason they are being treated for an eye condition is because they needed glasses or contacts and therefore got regular eye care.

Making Happiness A Habit

We all have our own version of happiness: our child’s sweet smile, fishing on the river, double chocolate fudge brownies… No matter what your definition is, though, it’s more than a feeling; it’s a choice, an act, a habit.

Happy Thoughts Aren’t For Sissies

Oh, sure… happy thoughts sound frou frou and full of fluff, but we promise this stuff is powerful. Be warned. Happy thoughts are not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind.

Engagement & Enthusiasm For Work And Life

Research shows that when we make a public declaration about our intentions we hold ourselves more accountable. No one wants to look like a fool by saying something and failing to deliver, right? As such, most businesses have a Mission Statement to declare their purpose, and most businesses try to remain accountable to that Mission Statement. Yawn.

Core Values

Personal statements, vision statements, mission statements… Businesses use them to define their focus, and individuals use them to help guide their goals. No matter what you call them, clarifying your purpose can be a powerful act. Or, it can be just another set of ho-hum rules to break.

An Unlikely Lesson In Excellence

How do you choose a doctor? How do you decide where to get your child’s next eye examination? Are all eye examinations pretty much the same, or is there a difference between one exam and another?

The Road Less Traveled

Over the years Jensen Eye Care has invested a great deal more in new imaging and diagnostic technologies than the average Optometric practice.Why do we invest our money in technology rather than in a condo at the lake?

Are All Eye Exams Created Equal?

How do you choose an eye doctor? Are all eye doctors exams pretty much the same or is there a difference between one exam and another?

The Way of the Future

As a certified Optician, I am always excited about new ways to help our patients see better. I am pleased to tell you about a new technology we have added that allows us to precisely fit your new frames and lenses to you.

Online Specs

You probably know that the eye-glass prescription an eye doctor writes for you is your property and that you have the right to fill that prescription anywhere you would like. You can take that prescription to any optical or you can even order your glasses online.

What Can I Do With My Flex Dollars?

Many people have flex accounts through their employer. However, flex accounts are funded by the employee with pre-tax dollars and must be used to cover medical expenses. Unfortunately, flex accounts are “use it or lose it” accounts. If you don’t spend the money by the end of the year, those flex dollars go away. Big bummer!

Diabetes Awareness Month

November is diabetes awareness month. I know it seems like the powers that be are always coming up with more and more things we are supposed to be aware of. It is easy to tune out one more thing we are supposed to be paying attention to but this is really important and diabetes is becoming more and more of a problem in our society.

The Big Blue Moon

Today’s topic is just for fun. I am naturally a curious person so I appreciate explanations to things that I have seen but can’t explain. I was reminded about this topic recently when I was driving home from Denver and saw the moon on the horizon. The moon looked gigantic! Then I recalled that in Optometry school I was taught about this phenomenon.

Diabetes and Your Eyes

Currently in the United States about one in ten people have been diagnosed as having diabetes. As bad as that number is, it is projected to climb even higher. It is estimated that by 2050 that number will be somewhere between 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 people. Why is this happening and what can you do to help prevent diabetes?

What is the Retina? What is the Macula?

As an eye doctor, it is easy to forget how foreign the anatomy of the eye can be for the layperson. We don’t mean to confuse you when we talk to you about your eye ball anatomy and your eye health, but sometimes we forget that we have been studying and living eyeballs for years and even decades and you haven’t had that same exposure.