Giving our best!

Over the years Jensen Eye Care has invested a great deal more in new imaging and diagnostic technologies than the average Optometric practice.Why do we invest our money in technology rather than in a condo at the lake?

To answer that question let me tell you a story about my grandpa.

When my grandpa Maurice Jensen was a young man in the early 1900’s, much of the work that happened on the farm used real horse power rather than tractors and trucks. One day, Maurice was asked to help with a sheep shearing. He was paid very well for his help and he was paid by the hour. As it turned out, in the middle of the shearing, it started to rain. I am told that you cannot (or should not ) shear wet sheep.So everything stopped so the sun could dry out the sheep.

Maurice didn’t feel good about getting paid for watching sheep dry out.

He noticed that there was some work that could be done in the nearby hay field. He saw that hay had been cut but needed to be raked. Maurice found a team of horses, put them into their harnesses, hooked them up to a hay rake and went out into the field and started to rake the hay. He worked in the field until the sheep were dry enough to start shearing again. Because of his work ethic and ambition, the man that owned the sheep came up to Maurice after the fact and told him that if he ever needed a job there would always be one available for him.
I was taught as a young man to take the road less traveled by: to always do my best and to always do more than the minimum.

It was not just talk, but a big part of my heritage. I knew that my grandparents and my parents lived what they preached. They felt an obligation to make the world a better place and to always give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

After graduation from Optometry school I have always looked for better ways to serve our patients. Accurately diagnosing macular degeneration or glaucoma early in the disease process means we have a greater ability to slow and maybe prevent vision loss. It is impossible to do the best job possible with yesterday’s technology.

Because I feel an obligation to do the best job possible to preserve good vision for those who trust me to do so, we have continued to invest in the best technologies available in the eye care industry.

Today’s technological advances in the eye care industry are vital in the early detection and treatment of eye health concerns. Technology is expensive, and it isn’t surprising that patients occasionally wonder if some of the recommended tests are really necessary.

At Jensen Eye Care, we promise to never do a test that is not needed. We also promise to allow you to be the gatekeeper for when and if extra testing is performed in your behalf. We understand that extra testing increases your expense so we see to it that most of the testing we routinely recommend is within the reach of the average family budget.

We believe you deserve a doctor that offers the very best and has the current technology options available. After all what is more valuable to you than your good vision?

Everything we do is about making a difference for you and giving our best.