Is ordering your glasses online the best option?

You probably know that the eye-glass prescription an eye doctor writes for you is your property and that you have the right to fill that prescription anywhere you would like. You can take that prescription to any optical or you can even order your glasses online.

Why am I telling you this?

I am telling you this not because I think you don’t already know but because I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you the Jensen Eye Care difference.

So what do we do for you at Jensen Eye Care that is so much better than an online optical or the generic optical in town? Off the top of my head, here are some differences:

  • When you come in for your eye exam at Jensen Eye Care we do more than just measure you prescription. We get to know you as a human being. We ask you what you do. We want to know how much time you spend on a computer, reading, golfing, gardening, shooting, driving your car, etc. All of those factors help us recommend the best lens products for you. Simply put, the better we know you, the better we are at advising you about your lens and frame needs. Generic and online opticals don’t know you like we know you.
  • You are not just a number with us. We realize that without our loyal patients, we cannot be successful as a business. We have a philosophy of providing the best possible care for all of our patients. We understand where our bread is buttered and promise not to take our relationship with you for granted. This is not a one shot experience for us. We want to continue our relationship with you and with your friends and family long term. Generic opticals don’t care about you like we care about you.
  • At Jensen Eye Care we hire great people. You won’t get the quality of human interaction at a generic or online optical. Generic opticals don’t have a Sue, Jana, Brittany, Amanda, Adri, Marcella, and Kim.
  • Our doctors and opticians are constantly learning about new lenses and new technologies. We are not going to put all of our patients into the same lens. We understand that one size does not fit all, plus we are very particular in how we fit your frame and lenses to your face. (Brittany, our head optician, is in the process of writing a blog about a new, high tech device called the Optikam. The Optikam takes the guesswork out of measuring you for lenses.) Generic opticals can’t measure your lens and frame measurements as precisely as we do at Jensen Eye Care. (Plus, there is no way for an online optical to measure anything for you unless you send them your head and we are pretty sure that isn’t going to work for you.)
  • We stand behind our work. We wish every pair of glasses suited every patient perfectly, but we don’t live in a perfect world. If the glasses we provide for you don’t work like you would like, we promise to work with you until you are satisfied. If, however, you get your glasses through another optical source it becomes much harder for us to help you if everything is not to your liking. If your “other optical” glasses don’t work for you, we aren’t sure whether your glasses are made with an inferior product or if they were miss-measured. And even if we can figure out what the problem with your glasses is, we don’t have the power to help you fix the problem. Bummer!

The truth of the matter is that very few of our patients take their glasses prescription elsewhere. They know we do excellent work and that we stand behind our work. Our patients know they can count on us to take care of their needs beyond the time when money changes hands. They know we care about them as people.

Thanks for letting us visit with you about an important issue that rarely gets addressed.

Have a great day!