Do Happy More

We all have our own version of happiness: our child’s sweet smile, fishing on the river, double chocolate fudge brownies… No matter what your definition is, though, it’s more than a feeling; it’s a choice, an act, a habit.

So, when developing our core values, we knew “Habitualize Happiness” would be at the top of our list. What does that even mean? Well, we have a little confession to make: Habitualize isn’t a word. (We made it up because we couldn’t find another verb that started with an “H.”) It has a nice ring to it, though, doesn’t it?
Habituatlize Happiness simply means we will make a conscious habit of being happy.

The Jensen Team does that kicking every morning off talking about our happy thoughts. We intentionally breed positive energy every day and we strive to communicate that positive energy to every person that walks through our doors - our own team and our patients, alike.
At Jensen Eye Care we aren’t in the eye exams, glasses and contact lenses business. We are in the creating-awesome-experiences (while caring for your eyes, helping you find your perfect glasses and contact lenses) business.

And, although we are serious about what we do, it doesn’t feel like work because we love it. It makes us happy to make you happy.

Our newest team member, optical assistant, Kendra said it best:

“We are firm believers that each of us manifest our own destiny and bring to life what we put out into the universe.”

We are each 100% responsible for our own happiness. By practicing positivity, treating work like play, and assuming goodness behind every action, we make happiness a habit – and we make Jensen Eye Care a place we can all thrive.

How do you make happiness in a habit in your life? Head on over to our Facebook page and connect with us. We’d love to hear from you!