November is diabetes awareness month.

I know it seems like the powers that be are always coming up with more and more things we are supposed to be aware of. It is easy to tune out one more thing we are supposed to be paying attention to but this is really important and diabetes is becoming more and more of a problem in our society. The recommended standard of care for everyone with diabetes (as far as eye health is concerned) is yearly dilated examinations of the eyes. Unfortunately, most people with diabetes are not paying attention to that recommendation. In this case what you don’t know can hurt you.

At Jensen Eye Care, in an attempt to educate those with diabetes and to help them pay better attention to their diabetes, we are offering free RHA diabetic scans of the retina for anyone with diabetes who we have not previously seen as a patient or for any of our diabetic patients who have not been seen by us in the past three years. This is not a full diabetes exam, but the scans provide us with enough information that we can have a meaningful discussion about diabetes as it relates to your eye health.

We want you to continue to be healthy and we want you to have great vision your whole life. Those of us with diabetes (I include myself here) tend to get a little complacent about paying attention to things like our diet, exercise, our blood sugar levels and our hemoglobin A1C scores.

Please help us help the diabetic community take care of their eyes. If you have diabetes and know you are past due for a retinal exam, give us a call. At Jensen Eye Care, we are performing free diabetes scans on Wednesday afternoons. Give us a call at 275-7008 to schedule a time for your scan. After the scan is performed, one of our doctors will sit down with you and visit with you about the scans and counsel with you about your good health and your good eye health. And don’t forget to tell your friends to call if they have diabetes.

You can live a full and productive life with diabetes as long as you pay attention and keep your ducks in a row. Help us help you pay attention to the ducks.