Meet Mary.

Mary uses her eyes for everything she does—she is a talented crafter, seamstress, and scrapbook maker. So, naturally, when her eyes began to have problems she set up an appointment with an optometrist. After multiple unsuccessful trips to many different doctors, Mary was referred to Jensen Eye Care.

“You feel like family when you walk in,” she said with a smile.

With Mary’s previous experience at other optometric offices, she was expecting to be treated “like another number.” Her previous doctors’ offices were even rude to her on occasion. After two years of bad experiences and wrong diagnoses, she was ready to be in an environment of care.

Mary met with Dr. Clark, who correctly diagnosed the eye issue she was dealing with and prescribed the proper medication to help correct it. Her eyes got better, and she had nothing but praise for our office.

“Everyone at the office is so gracious!”

“I feel for the first time someone cared enough.”

“I could have kissed everyone!”

A few days after Mary’s visit, our office called to make sure her glasses were fitting. She said she had never had that happen before!

“[Jensen Eye Care] makes people feel better for just being there. I just love them.”

We love you too, Mary!